Richest Doctors of Pakistan

Written by Pliro
Jul 30, 2017 Last updated: Mar 29, 2019

Healthcare receives some of the highest funding in Pakistan’s private sector. Additionally, the country has excelled in the department of medical studies, being home to some of the best medical schools and universities in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that a fair number of highly qualified doctors abide in Pakistan. Being a doctor can be one of the most lucrative businesses, this article will showcase examples of some of the richest doctors of Pakistan.

Sania Nishtar

Dr Nishtar’s accomplishments display a variety of services paid in the governmental and non-governmental sectors in the country. Moreover, her expansive skill-set and vast experience has allowed her to transform her work into helping millions of people in her country. She is one of the top physicians and cardiologists, as well as health and science authors of our country. Along with health and education, Dr Nishtar used to be the former federal minister of science and technology.

She graduated from Khyber Medical College in 1986 to become one of the top 20 female Muslims scientists in 2014. She has been bestowed the title of Sitara-e-Imtiaz in 2005, along with a wide range of honors and awards. In addition, she gave up her cardiology practice in 2000 and came up with innovative ideas to help those who couldn’t afford proper health care. She received her Phd in medicine at Kings College London in 2002. Therefore, she happens to be one of the most highly paid practitioners in Pakistan.

K Jamil

Dr Jamil is a well known anesthesiologist in Pakistan. He is famous for devising and implementing a non-kink catheter mount to anesthetize patients. Additionally, he is on a mission to improvise other conventional catheters. Furthermore, he is also making devices to control the ventilation of lungs.

Arif Alvi

Dr Arif Alvi is one of the most famous dental practitioners in Pakistan. However, his name is more commonly known due to his active participation in politics and the Pakistani parliament. With his political knowledge, he was able to secure his position as president of the Pakistan dental association. Furthermore, he has been awarded for his achievements and hard work by the International College of Dentist.

Sayed Amjad Hussain

Dr Sayed Amjad Hussain is a well known writer and columnist. He has years of experience as a renowned cardiologist and community leader. However, among his greatest achievements are his inventions which have earned him his huge name in the medical sector of Pakistan. He has created the pleuroperitoneal shunt, which is a catheter implanted in the body to transport fluid so that it can be absorbed into the peritoneal cavity. This is mainly used to treat malignant pleural effusions. Secondly, he has invented a special endotracheal tube, which is a surgical device that supplies oxygen during fiberoptic broncchoscopy in conscious patients.

Fahmida Mirza

Dr Fahmida Mirza is a well established physician, specializing in various fields of child care, including gynecology and pediatrics. However, she is well reputed due to her active role in politics. She has been a parliamentarian, as well as the national assembly’s 18th speaker.

Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain is one of the leading female models and TV actors of Pakistan. Additionally, she happens to be a highly successful doctor and entrepreneur. She has also made a name for herself in makeup artistry as well as fashion designing. On top of all these achievements, she is also a mother of four, setting a strong example of womanhood and how anything is possible. Therefore, she is one of the most highly paid doctors of Pakistan.

Khurram Mushir

Khurram Mushir is a well established and renowned dermatologist. Other than that, he is highly admired and followed by the Pakistani audience for his helpful beauty tips and skin care regime. Various TV shows request his presence, whereby he talks about his home remedies and professional opinion regarding these topics, as well as other health related issues.

Shershah Syed

Dr Shershah Syed is the president of Society of Obstetricians & Gynecologists of Pakistan. Apart from being known for his contributions in obstetrics ad maternal health, he is a pioneer of humanitarian efforts and helping human lives. He is known for providing emergency medical assistance in the 2012 Pakistan floods. He is currently the president of the Pakistan National Forum on Women’s Health (PNFWH).

Nafis Sadik

Dr Nafis Sadik happens to be the former head of the United Nations Population Fund. She is well known for her achievements in her research regarding HIV and AIDS all over Asia. She is currently working for the United Nations Secretary General as the special adviser.

Naseem Kapadia

Dr Naseem Kapadia has played a major role in contributing towards the field of dermatology. She currently teaches in Aga Khan University, sharing her immense knowledge and years of experience.