Written by Pliro
Oct 24, 2016 Last updated: Nov 11, 2016

Since the dawn of time, the hopes of coming across the fountain of youth and taking a sip of its magical waters is a dream that all of mankind has been coveting to achieve. This fountain of youth may or may not be a myth, but the fact that people can live a long life certainly isn’t. All it needs is a bit of discipline in what you eat, how much you exercise your body and mind, and what you find calming for your soul. Let’s take a look some of the secrets of healthy living that the world’s oldest living people have been using throughout their lifetime.

  • Eating More Vegetables Than Meat

    Eating vegetables and fish is one of the greatest gifts you can give to the body in order to stay youthful and healthy. Fish is full of good omega fats that are crucial for the skin and bodily functions, whereas vegetables, especially green ones, have anti-aging properties that are beneficial when eaten as well as used externally. According to Sally Beare, author of “50 Secrets of the World’s Longest Living People”, the ratio of vegetable to meat should be seven to one, as is the case with most old people that she writes about leading a relatively healthy life. Eggs, meat and dairy are required by the body due to their calcium and iron, but taking too much may lead to high cholesterol and digestion related issues.

  • Choosing Water and Herbal Tea Over Other Beverages

    According to Forbes, one way of making sure your body is not only taking but also processing all the required nutrients is to take as much water as possible. This means avoiding all sorts of soda, sweet beverages and caffeinated drinks. Water helps food to be digested properly and since there is no added sugars or unnecessary ingredients, it is used fully in rejuvenating and detoxifying of the body and skin. The one thing that can be taken apart from water is herbal tea, which has anti-oxidizing benefits that help in the smooth removal of toxins and waste matter from the body. But even herbal teas may sometimes have slight quantities of caffeine in them which may increase acidity if taken too many times a day. That is why it is recommended to be taken not more than thrice a day and not on an empty stomach.

  • Use Your Limbs for Constructive Activities

    It is perfectly natural that if you slouch in front of the TV all day, your limbs will give up after you reach forty, if you are lucky. Instead, most healthy 100-year-olds encourage some form of physical activity to keep the body healthy and all your internal functions running smoothly. Not only that, physical activity is crucial when it comes to transferring the required amount of oxygen to your brain in order to stay positive and creative. This does not necessarily mean that you have to indulge in some form of strenuous workout. 101-year old Crowson keeps her body and mind occupied by dressing up and going out daily to get her hair and nails done or to visit church and when she stays home, she cooks three meals a day and cleans her house as well as exercising daily for strong muscles.

  • Play Mind Games

    There are many unfortunate cases of people who live to be more than a 100, but become so physically weak and fragile towards the end that living does not seem to be such a pleasurable thing for them. Similarly, there are those who may be physically fit, but are not mentally capable to enjoy their long lives due to brain related problems such as Alzheimer’s and many others. One of the key ways to take care of your brain and mental ability, according to Eric Rackow, M.D., is to play mind games such as jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, Sudoko, or even card games such as bridge or solitaire. This ensures that the mind is occupied and is taking part in activities that promote analytical thinking and problem solving.

  • Stay Connected to Friends and Family

    Enjoying your studies and giving priority to your career is crucial in your early years, but once you get old, your support system becomes the most important thing that helps you stay happy and fulfilled. After retirement, most people find comfort in staying connected to their families and enjoying the company of children, grandchildren and close friends. This ensures peace of mind as well as a happy, healthy life in your latter years, keeping your spirit and will alive to live even longer.

The main secret to living a long and healthy life is knowing what makes you happy. If eating good food makes you happy, then by all means go for it, but make sure to keep a balance if you want to enjoy what you get from it and not let the pleasures of good food be taken away from you due to unwanted diseases and chronic illnesses. Along with that, keep the holistic aspect of your life intact by reading,  praying or meditating for some time during the day, so that not only are you physically and mentally fit, but also spiritually alive to enjoy what the world can offer you. And remember to visit a doctor for regular checkups! Staying positive is the key to a long, healthy and happy life.