Shocking Discovery About Root Canal

Written by Pliro
Nov 2, 2017 Last updated: Oct 22, 2018

Root canal is one of the most popular dental procedures, not only in Pakistan but in the entire World. It is carried out usually after one’s forties due to repeated dental procedures, irreparable decay, cracks or faulty crowns. Although the link has not been established and confirmed, the procedure has been linked to cancer in many cases. This article explores this procedure in depth, as well as looks at some of the plausible links with various diseases.

Being Common Makes the Procedure Safe by Default

Each year, the number of people in need of root canal surgery increases. Gradually, it is becoming a common practice among dental practitioners, and more surgeries are being performed than ever before. However, because it is so common, one hardly questions the nature of the surgery. In other words, there’s a theory that once the procedure has been performed, the teeth are likely to attract anaerobic bacteria. These are harmful bacteria that do not need oxygen to grow. As a result, they may cause infections by leaking into the blood stream after a few years.

Linking the Disease to Teeth is Difficult to Establish

Once treated, the teeth may seem completely normal and healthy again. You may even feel healthy because of how you look. Because everything looks and seems fine, it is difficult to trace the problem to its source. Although there is no valid, scientific evidence linking root canal treatment to disease elsewhere in the body, there have been some studies that showed a higher risk of cancer in patients that have had the treatment.

Root Canal and It’s Link to Arthritis

About a century ago, a man named Weston. A Price noticed this link. This was at the time when people weren’t consuming diets as unhealthy and processed as ours today. The story goes like this. A woman in a wheelchair wanted to be treated due to having severe arthritis for six years. She agreed to have her root canal extracted upon Price’s suggestion. When he did that, she began to recover to such an extent that she was able to walk soon.

Link to Other Diseases

It is often said (not confirmed) that Root canal paves the way for nearly 16 harmful bacteria to cause several chronic heart and circulatory diseases. Additionally, the aforementioned Dr Price had reason to believe that root canal was a source of many kinds of diseases. These include joint, brain and nervous system disorders. However, Price was largely ignored, owing to why root canal is still performed worldwide.

Why Dentists Continue to Perform Root Canal

The answer is not the fact that the link has not been scientifically established due to such a gap in the procedure and disease. More studies need to be carried out to establish the link.

In conclusion, although no link has been proven between the procedure and diseases, it is every patient’s right to know about the possibilities and make a decision by visiting the right dentist.  The question is, should there be more studies on the subject as well as research made on finding alternative ways of treatment? Let us know in the comments section.