Software Engineer’s Health – 5 Ways to Have a Healthy Workplace

Written by Pliro
Oct 4, 2018 Last updated: Oct 4, 2018

All fields of higher study are difficult and require time, strength to study and hard work. Computer Engineering is no different. A computer engineer’s life however, is still difficult in terms of work and progress even after studies are completed. He/she has a tough schedule, a lot to learn and train on and constantly perform well every single day to achieve targets.

One thing that adds insult to misery is the constant use of a computer system in a computer engineer’s life. It is alarming how the use of computer by sitting in the same exact position and working long hours has impacted the life of each and every person; engineer or not. Software engineers have the maximum number of affectees out of other professional industries as they follow the monotonous routine of work and overtime.

How a Software engineer’s work affects their health?

A software engineer’s work life always finds it hard to find a work life balance. In most cases, they have no social life, and no life outside of their work. Some common problems that nerdy and overly hard working engineers face w.r.t. their health are:

  1. Headaches
  2. Backaches
  3. Slowly becoming high functional introverts
  4. Anti-social/Isolation
  5. Interest loss in daily activities
  6. Eye sight issues

Not only this, but also, those who get addicted to using a computer not just for work but for other daily life activities are more inclined towards having blood clotting issues in their blood, and stress caused to their brains can lead to much severe diseases that may be fatal.

Having a lively home surrounding and environment can help engineers with habitual computer usage issues can have a positive impact on their lives and can reduce to eradicate the negative effects discussed above. Colorful rooms and sitting areas, interesting portraits and pictures around, light games and friendly environment can bring a huge positive impact on daily life routines of engineers.

5 Ordinary yet Effective Ways to Make Workplace Healthy for an Engineer

There are so many yet simpler ways for engineers to modify and improve their work life w.r.t. their health and can improve the quality of life as well. However, some simple yet major helping factors can be:

  1. Beautify the environment
  2. Sit close to people you know
  3. Make some time for light games and recreational office activities between work hours
  4. Eat Healthy
  5. Exercise

Let’s light up details for the above factors below:

1). Beautify the Environment

A different yet easy aspect to practice is to improve the surrounding environment in which one works. This helps in keeping the interest around oneself as well rather on just a computer and work. For example:

  1. You can place your favorite plants potted in small pots near you.
  2. Add colorful lamps with yellow lights as yellow lights increase the efficiency and focus.
  3. Bring more colors to your work station in the form of small table decorations or daily usage equipment.
  4. Add small posts or pictures of your favorite games or add souvenirs from your favorite TV serials or celebrities etc.
  5. Use a jar of your favorite snack as well to keep your interest light towards the over usage of computer.

2). Sit close to People you Know

Sitting closer and adjacent to your colleagues and friends can keep you socially aware as well as out of stress when you can talk and laugh a little everyday among the ones that you click with. This factor helps in reduced stress and anxiety, as well as avoid becoming anti – social.

3). Make Some Time for Light Games and Recreational Office Activities between Work Hours

Keeping small pocket games or indulging in healthy gaming and physical activities like teaming up with others to perform on a game, interacting with colleagues and initiating communication can also help in reduced stress levels and calm mood and relaxed and healthy body. Playing games can also help in resting the mind and giving it some time – off from the work time to recycle thinking process and bring out a positive personality.

4). Eat Healthy

Eating healthy with lots of drinking water and keeping a habit of eating small and nutritious meals can help engineers as well. Bringing and eating nuts, fruits and adding juices to your diet can positively impact one’s health in short span of time. One can keep bites of healthy food on their desk to munch on while they work as well to promote keeping interest out of over usage of computers as well. For help on healthy foods, we can always get help from health articles, online health blogs and even healthcare centers too.

5). Exercise and Physical Activity

Nowadays, workplaces are more concerned about the healthy lifestyles of employees as well. A lot of companies and organizations have introduced gyms at work places for their employees to exercise, work out and keep healthy. Joining a gym, cycling to office, using stairs instead of elevators, and running/jogging can help everyone who have tough working habits and over usage of systems.

Apart from such healthy habits developing at the workplace, anyone and everyone who uses a computer can apply the following to their daily routine to keep even the smallest health issues away:

  1. Sit 20-30 inches away from screen.
  2. After every 20-30 minutes, look around away from the screen to rest your eyes and mind.
  3. Sit where temperature is moderate to cooler.
  4. Use contrasting lights in the surrounding if possible even at home or at office.
  5. Take a walk around the work place 4-5 times a day to stretch your legs and relax your back muscles.
  6. Drink lots of water.
  7. Listen to your favorite music while working to keep everything light and stress free.

It is interesting to know that such small habits introduced in daily life can impact everyone fruitfully and keep you healthy with lesser medical and health issues as compared to those who do not follow such small activities and keep themselves glued to the computer 24/7.