Written by Pliro
Apr 15, 2019 Last updated: Apr 15, 2019

Pakistan is known for many socioeconomic as well as struggles of doctors including the provision of education, proper medication/health facilities, and physicians in rural areas. This is true when we talk about availability of basic necessities of life to many, under all age groups. Though different establishments, NGOs and governmental organizations have been taking initiatives to improve the quality of life in Pakistan, there isn’t a better situation on the other side of the table.

Lack of funds, economic struggle and scarcity of facilities barricades the possibility of providing such services to the local masses. This also includes how professionals work in the market and how much they are paid to do so.

Struggles of Professionals – Doctors and Medical Practitioners

Health care sector suffers the same consequences and effects of economic barricades in availability of doctors, physicians and healthcare facilities as it does when it comes to facilities for the medical staff. The nomenclature and classification of medical field has been quite advanced when MBBS students specialize and pick different fields of interest. However, not just the scarcity of finances, but political and other grieving factors disable the possibility for most of them to serve patients fully and provide medical care as needed. Let’s highlight some struggles below faced by doctors in Pakistan:

Struggles and Challenges

  1. The bureaucratic and otherwise faulty healthcare systems in Pakistan have not enough tools, technologies and related equipment needed to provide complete medical facilities to patients in different rural and urban areas of Pakistan including hub cities like Karachi and Lahore.
  2. Due to the hygiene and health conditions, the ratio of patients to doctor is quite difficult to manage. Even if someone like me who has to find a good doctor near me, I will have to face long queues before getting a successful appointment. Not every patient has easy access to a doctor nearby.
  3. The financial barrier is one major factor that not only patients face, but also the doctors as well. Some of us may be able to pay higher fee to get access to good appointments and time with highly skilled doctors, but due to higher inflation and financial stubbornness in the market, many people are unable to pay for a simple OPD check up as well. Doctors on the other hand have the right to earn as well. Even though some specialists have undesirable and unnecessary fee structure, still the kind of treatment one has to go through is expensive enough for doctors to provide in the kind of facility they sit in.
  4. Many at times, people are aware of their condition due to awareness and availability of online health articles, blogs and online free help. Doctors face a hard time in convincing an overly aware person of what actually be his/her health problem may be and what medical procedure/medication is needed.
  5. Half the time people have taken the wrong medication due to this knowhow and it is difficult for the doctors to stabilize the worsening condition of patients when they are admitted for checkup. E.g. the case of having midwives is very common in rural areas. Sometimes, midwives treat mothers to be in such a way that the criticality of the case is impossible enough to be treated when the patient is admitted in a very bad state of physical health.
  6. Sometimes, the emergence of a deadly disease, reemergence of an old disease in a patient etc, make it difficult for the doctor at hand to manage the medical treatment. Either, the disease is incurable or it has spread so much, that no medical terms can help out a patient. In such cases, the mortality rate rises and it is hard for the patient’s family to realize otherwise that it isn’t a doctor’s fault. Doctors face helplessness and bounded by the laws of nature and cannot do much.

Health care sector in Pakistan needs more attention and investments need to be made when it comes to providing up to date, state of the art facilities all over Pakistan in every area. Government needs to improve the way health, education, and societal sectors are looked at. A major chunk of yearly government budget is wasted due to political and economic inflationary factors.