Surviving Cancer – #IamandIwill

Written by Pliro
Feb 4, 2019 Last updated: Mar 29, 2019

Cancer is the second most common disease after heart attack that causes most frequent deaths all around the world. Surviving cancer and living to tell the tale is something that not all cancer patients accomplish. Cancer, in general, is a life threatening disease and many times patients lose the battle against it.

What is Cancer?

On this World Cancer Day, personal commitments are being shared to reduce the impact of cancer – ‘I am and I will’. This not only holds true for all the cancer patients fighting for their lives. It is in our hands to not just have a know-how about the disease. Also we can help prevent it and create an environment around us that shelters us from other fatal diseases like cancer.

World Cancer Day

World cancer day which is celebrated on the 4th of February every year is not just another event. It is a huge worldwide cancer awareness campaign for everyone. It represents the power of all the mutual and individual actions taken towards committing to a cancer free world. We need to create a strong impact against the disease for younger generations to come.

Symptoms of Cancer

How do you know if a person is suffering for cancer and how far it has already spread? It is quite challenging for someone to walk around looking healthy, but suffering from such a fatal disease that only he or his oncologist can tell about. Around 9.6 million people die all around the world while suffering from different forms of cancer. It is advisable to keep a thorough checkup of your health. Take care of your daily diet so that diseases like cancer can be avoided to an extent that it does not become fatal. Early and late cancer symptoms can be identified below:

  1. The urine has presence of blood cells in it
  2. Blood tinged saliva or hoarseness in the voice for long
  3. Continuous diarrhea
  4. Lymph nodes usually swell and there is always a swelling in glands
  5. Sometimes a wart or a mole has obvious changes that do not look normal
  6. Unusual bleeding other than during the menstrual cycle and abnormal discharge
  7. Fever, night sweats, sudden and abrupt weight loss including unexplained anemia
  8. Continued itching and irritation in genital areas
  9. Sudden change in bowel movement
  10. Lumps appearing in any part of the body that ache and are not dissolved automatically over time. Sometimes they may be benign, but mostly they are not

These can be identified at any stage of cancer generally. The impact of educating people around you can actually help bring down cancer.

What can you do?

It is possible to cure a handsome percentage of initially diagnosed cancer cases if we can identify them earlier. The world cancer day is not just a day’s activity. We celebrate it to have a ripple effect all through the year for all to take deep rooted actions and help control cancer. Only when the cancer at early symptoms is caught, it has a higher chance of being cured. Sometimes it even occurs without many symptoms in sight. However, if you have any of the following, you can keep a track of your health record so that you do not become the next cancer victim:

  1. If any of your family members has cancer, and it has appeared frequently among different generations in your family, you need to keep your health status in check.
  2. Quit smoking and any addiction to drugs that you may have.
  3. Decrease your exposure to any ultraviolet rays or radiations if you work in such a place
  4. People who work in factories where the work is related to metals like arsenic, nickel, lead etc. may have a higher chance of suffering from cancer (
  5. Areas that are more exposed to heavy UV rays from the sun are at high risk of causing skin cancer in people living there (
  6. A suffering mother can transfer cancer gene to her children but it isn’t necessary that they suffer from cancer. The chances are highly unlikely. However, it is possible to expose oneself to environment like smoking, UV rays, radiations, drug addictions etc that can mutate genes, chances of them suffering from cancer increases.


Helping others by spreading awareness and controlling risk factors around you can easily help decrease cancer rate. Make sure that you always share any knowledge with others. We celebrate the World Cancer Day with a vision of cancer free world. For getting appointments for cancer screening, please follow the link to get in touch with the country’s best oncologists in your town.