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Shocking Discovery About Root Canal

Root canal is one of the most popular dental procedures, not only in Pakistan but in the entire World. It is carried out usually after one’s forties due to repeated dental procedures, irreparable decay, cracks or faulty crowns. Although the link has not been established and confirmed, the procedure has been linked to cancer in […]


How Dentists Earn a Lot

Medicine is one of the best professions for making a good living. The industry has its challenges and it often takes lots of dedication and hard work for a doctor to start earning good money. Between all medical fields, dentistry happens to be on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of financial profit. […]


Top Marketing Tips for Dentists

Being a dentist is not as simple as getting a degree and attaining success as soon as practice starts. A dentist needs to be aware of how to market and promote their skills. This will help in tackling competition, as well as gaining more clientele. Skills may be useful, but every profession needs a certain […]


How to Get Rid of Wisdom Teeth Problems

We might find it strange when, out of the blue, the dentist tells us that we need to get our wisdom teeth taken out. Sometimes we know that the extraction is necessary since wisdom teeth may cause pain and discomfort due to overcrowding or may cause misalignment in other teeth due to some fault in […]


Top Dental Disorders in Pakistan

Among several health issues that the average local Pakistani has to face, dental disorders are considered to be the most common health issues that affect almost every individual at some stage of life. Whether it’s cavities affecting children, braces affecting teenagers or a chipping away of the teeth affecting adults, these concerns have given rise […]


Why you should go to the Dentist regularly

When it comes to outward physical appearance, people tend to gravitate more towards quick and short term solutions that they can purchase off the counter to look and feel better about themselves. For hair, it’s a new shampoo with added chemicals and for the skin, it’s a cream or serum containing alcohol that claims to […]