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Richest Doctors of Pakistan

Healthcare receives some of the highest funding in Pakistan’s private sector. Additionally, the country has excelled in the department of medical studies, being home to some of the best medical schools and universities in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that a fair number of highly qualified doctors abide in Pakistan. Being a doctor […]

doctor marketing

10 Marketing Tips for Doctors

A doctor’s job does not depend on just the skill level and educational background anymore. Being a doctor, it is crucial that you create an identity for yourself in order to increase your clientele. Let us look at 10 marketing tips for doctors that they can use to do this. Build a Patient-Doctor Relationship A company […]


Pakistani Doctor Ready to Take on The World

  Dr Sania Nishtar, from Peshawar, is one of the leading candidates for the Director General of World Health Organisation (WHO). Her immense professional background in the physician cardiology department is what makes her such a strong contender at the age of 53. For this reason, she is among the three finalists who are representing […]

How to deal with an arrogant doctor

How To Deal With An Arrogant Doctor

Doctors’ personalities have become a hot topic nowadays. This is not only because pleasantness counts toward patient satisfaction, but also because patient interactions play an important role in positive outcomes. If we consider that the only reason we are visiting the practice is because we are are unwell, then facing an unemotional personality may leave us feeling […]

medical specialization options

Medical Specialization Options for Student to Choose From

Some students know exactly what type of doctor they want to become even before applying to a medical college. For others, it can be hugely overwhelming with medicine being full of endless possibilities. There’s also not much guidance available to help you narrow down your medical specialization options. It’s a tough process, and carries the risk of […]


Top Hospitals of Pakistan

Although there is still a lack of a substantial education system in Pakistan, the one area of expertise that it prides itself for is the body of doctors that graduate every year with a sound knowledge of the latest medical technologies and best use of healthcare education. Over the past few years, Pakistan has seen […]


10 Medical Breakthroughs Changing Modern Healthcare

With the evolution of technology, people in all fields and from all walks of life are being compelled to understand and take advantage of the benefits that this new innovative world has the potential to bring them. This is especially true in the case of doctors, who not only have to worry about their reputation […]


Top Medical Colleges of Pakistan to Consider

It is a well-known fact that most Pakistani students who opt for a career in medicine choose to remain in Pakistan for undergrad and grad studies. This is because the standard of medical colleges in Pakistan is world renowned, which is why not just local but a huge number of foreign students is enrolled in […]


Top Tips for Aspiring Doctors

How can you know for sure whether medicine is a good career choice for you? If you are a studious person and you have managed to maintain an impressive academic record so far, then your parents will certainly use your undecided mind to plant the idea that you can become an amazing doctor, the “Best” […]


Plight of Pakistani Doctors

Yes, there are doctors in Pakistan that are engaging in acts of extreme atrocity like deliberately doing a surgery on an organ that was perfectly alright, but there are many other doctors that have to face the plight of being stereotyped despite doing the right thing. These doctors are often criticized for being avaricious and […]