Written by Pliro
Nov 14, 2016 Last updated: Jan 12, 2017

It’s no secret that everyone wants to enhance their mental complexity and gain aptness comparable to that of a genius. Engaging in the following activities regularly will help you improve your cognitive abilities and mental alertness by triggering the production of natural brain nutrients to strengthen brain cells. Here are 10 tips for a better IQ.

Study and try to interpret different objects when held upside down

The brain tissue is like any other muscle and just like the way most people hit the gym to attain an athletic shape, engaging in the appropriate mental exercises can likewise batten one’s mental and cognitive capabilities. Interpreting puzzling colors, writings, and shapes held at different positions augments your brain connectivity and prowess.

Make abrupt changes in your routine

The comfortable zone is not healthy for your brain. By giving your routine practices a different approach, you encourage the brain to develop. This includes changing the basic way of doing things. Examples include your position on the dining table, classroom, office, bus etc. Your brain benefits greatly from changing positions as this alters the way you view your environment altogether.

Engage in different activities with your eyes closed

Cognitive abilities can improve by engaging in different activities with your eyes shut. Accomplishing simple tasks with your eyes shut helps in developing your mental complexity. This triggers the use of tactile senses to accomplish different tasks hence improving one’s mental capabilities. This can be something as simple as showering with your eyes closed, blind-typing, shaving etc.

Identify different objects from the sense of touch

Using the sense of touch to identify subtly different items activates specific regions of the brain. These regions process tactile information leading to stronger synapses. One’s mental capabilities can significantly improve by devising an alternative sense of identifying objects. For instance, by trying to identify coins using your sense of touch by feeling their texture and size you can boost your mental prowess.

Simultaneously use both arms or your non-dominant hand to accomplish different tasks

Most geniuses and inventors from the past were known to be ambidextrous. Leonardo da Vinci could use both hands to write or draw at the same time! The ability to coordinate the two hemispheres of the brain promotes coherence and the balance. You can begin by brushing or writing simple words with your left hand or both hands at the same time.

Socialize more

Research shows that the act of socializing with other people improves one’s cognitive abilities. Having a conversation with other people triggers different senses of the body and cultivates various mental skills thus enhancing the cognitive capabilities of an individual. Simple interactions like buying from a person rather than the vending machine go a long way in enhancing your mental capabilities.

Embrace group work

Accomplishing tasks in groups facilitate learning, brainstorming, and criticism which widens one’s thinking ability. Art-based activities like drawing some parts, colors, and textures frequently helps you shift from the processes.

Develop your creativity, memory, and alertness

Just as you force your hands to lift heavier loads for your biceps to attain higher capabilities, forcing your brain to think of available alternatives and memorize more information strengthens it. This can be achieved, for instance, by engaging in memorizing the phone numbers of close friends or the ingredients of new products that you come across when shopping in the mall.

Be adventurous and travel more

The brain is known to change in complexity every time it perceives new stimuli. When traveling, for example, it is advisable to open windows and familiarize yourself with the environment. By identifying the different sounds, sights, and smells, you provide the brain with new experiences thus facilitating its growth.

Stimulate both your olfactory and taste senses

By exposing yourself to varying odors and tastes, you trigger different feelings to the emotional center of the brain hence increasing the number of stimuli your brain can perceive. You can distinguish uncountable odors and flavors by activating the various receptors in the nose thus expanding your mental capabilities.

Simple practices can significantly improve general alertness, memory, and smartness. Neurotic exercises enhance human memory and mental fitness. Therefore, these tips are suitable for anyone aiming to achieve a better IQ.