Top 10 Health Magazines in the World

Written by Pliro
Sep 30, 2016 Last updated: Dec 26, 2017

With an ever increasing desire to lead a healthy lifestyle, people have started taking notice of the ‘Health’ section that some of the best magazines come well-informed with. Let us look at the top 10 health magazines in the world, starting with a few from Pakistan that are worth making the list.

  • Sunday
    Apart from being one of the favorite fashion magazines, particularly for Pakistani women, Sunday is a publication by Media Times Ltd that covers essentials of health and lifestyle as well. It publishes weekly guides, interviews and tips regarding health and fitness of the body and mind.
  • Shifa News International
    Shifa News is a magazine that is dedicated solely to health and medicine and is one of Pakistan’s first bilingual publications, in both, Urdu and English. It has various segments that deal with numerous health related topics such as body systems, skin, child care, fitness and more. Apart from medical expertise, it even offers lifestyle tips on how to lead a more nutritious routine by offering healthy recipes and exercising techniques.
  • Medisearch Magazine
    Medisearch is a quarterly health and fitness magazine that is based in Karachi and was founded by Qamar S Khan. It focuses on medical research, including articles and tips on how to carry a well-balanced lifestyle.
  • Health Magazine
    Health is a US based women’s health magazine that focuses on the physical, mental and emotional health. It is full of beauty tips, nutrition advice and articles to inspire those who need motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also incorporates weight loss techniques such as yoga, dancing and workout plan.
  • Psychology Today
    Psychology Today is another US based magazine that focuses on the mental and emotional health, particularly emphasizing on human relationships and behavior. It has various interesting segments such as “Insights”, “Solutions”, “Personality” and “Relationships” among others, that deal with common mental and emotional problems by using authentic data from qualified psychologists and specialists.
  • Cooking Light
    Cooking Light is a food and lifestyle magazine based in America that deals with low fat and healthy food cooked in the home. It provides scientific fitness and nutritional facts as well as healthy recipes using organic produce to ensure a well-balanced diet. It includes a wide variety of vegetarian, sweet, savory and snack recipes to satisfy the taste buds without compromising on health.
  • Runner’s World Magazine
    Runner’s World Magazine is a worldwide publication that deals particularly with sports and physical health, particularly related to running. It offers training and nutrition advice for runners all over the world, and offers guides and test training plans for those who want something to start with. It also provides details with the best running equipment and scientific facts on how and why running is important for the body.
  • Shape Magazine
    Shape is an American Magazine that focuses on toning and shaping the body, especially for women who want to look lean and slender. It offers healthy ways to maintain the figure, without going on crash diets or extreme measures. It also gives psychological insights as to how the mind and body are related and can help one another in remaining healthy at all times.
  • FLEX Magazine
    Flex is a men’s health magazine, based in the UK that provides men with physical training techniques and guidelines. It offers ways to sculpt and perfect the body, build strong muscles and develop perfect abs, all using authentic scientific research that provides healthy and safe methods to carry out. The publication offers aims so that the men set themselves goals to achieve, which makes it interesting and unique.
  • Yoga Magazine
    Yoga is also a UK based magazine that offers tips, advice and insights about exactly what it claims. It is filled with yoga practice techniques as well as inspirational stories to help motivate men and women to lead a holistic and healthy lifestyle. Articles on meditation give an in depth analysis maintaining balance between the mind and soul in order to maintain strength throughout the body.