Top 10 Jobs in Pakistan for Medical Professionals

Written by Pliro
Jul 31, 2017 Last updated: Mar 29, 2019

Students from Pakistan may choose to opt for various foreign universities for undergraduate and graduate studies. Medical students however, almost always choose to remain in Pakistan due to the high standards of medical studies offered here. Therefore, hospitals and medical facilities in Pakistan offer high quality services. For this reason, there are many fields that medical students can opt for. Let us look at the top 10 jobs in Pakistan for Medical Professionals.


Surgeries are a tricky job, which require an immense degree of skill and knowledge as well as patience. Therefore, it is no wonder that surgeons in Pakistan are highly in demand. Furthermore, it is a highly paid job, that not only requires a great deal of hard work and effort, but also empathy towards patients. However, surgeries are long and arduous tasks, whereby procedures may take more than a day. For this reason, it is also a time consuming and hectic job, demanding continuous and sometimes immediate attention.


One of the most highly paid jobs in Pakistan is that of a dentist. It may seem like one in which a person needs to have a strong stomach and high tolerance level to be able to treat problems of the mouth and teeth. However, there are many benefits to dentistry. Firstly, appointments can be set up, which is why there is hardly an emergency case. Furthermore, it pays well whereby it is deemed one of the most rewarding jobs in the country, with patients always requiring some kind of dental care or treatment.


The physician deals with the general health of the patients. A physician’s job is to diagnose illnesses and offer possible cures or treatments. This he does by examining a patients current health and medical history. Moreover, counseling is given in terms of lifestyle, health, diet and preventive healthcare. Physicians are also highly paid, though they aren’t paid as much as surgeons since their job does not require emergency cases or performing surgeries.


Obstetrics and gynecology is a field that requires a doctor to not only be good at their job, but to have an empathetic nature towards expecting mothers. This is an extremely lucrative job for Pakistani women especially. Not only is there a lack of female gynecologists, but they are in demand due to the conservative mindset of most Pakistanis. This is because most women prefer female doctors for this job which requires constantly examining, treating and discussing female genitalia and child birth.


What follows the OBgyn, is the job of the pediatrician. Whether adults visit the doctor regularly or not, they tend to be extra careful when it comes to their children. Regular immunization, checking, and treatment is required. Therefore, having a specific pediatrician for each child is widely preferred by many parents. Therefore, the job of the pediatrician is liberating and pays well.

Veterinary Physician

The job of the vet is highly in demand in Pakistan since not many people take up the profession. That being said, it is also a highly paid job, and a hard working vet can really succeed due to the lack of competition. However, it is not just about treating animals in person, but also requires services in research labs, pharmaceutical companies and animal food companies.


Psychiatrists are trained professionals who are much needed in Pakistan. Unfortunately, the country is still steeped in the age old taboos and “loge kya kahein gey” social constraints. Therefore, it is seen as a sign of weakness or mental instability when a person agrees to see a “shrink”. However, there are people in the country who suffer from health complications due to major mental and emotional problems. Therefore, to be able to talk to someone in a country where everything is hushed is a much needed breath of fresh air. Understanding this, the profession itself is on the rise since people seem to be understanding the needs and underlying problems of so many issues prevailing in our country.


Physiotherapy is another highly paid and liberating job, mostly required by senior citizens. This is purely physical help, whereby people involved in accidents or general health problems are given proper care. Most physiotherapists practice at home, since its more convenient for the patients as most of them are physically unable to travel most of the time. Therefore, it is even more cost effective for the therapist, since they do not need to sit at clinics all day long. Moreover, physiotherapy offers a great deal of positivity in a patient’s life, helping them to deal with their lives, and sometimes even talking to their therapists if they have a good relationship with them.


Pharmacists or druggists are a very important part of the healthcare system. They give advise directly to the physicians and healthcare practitioners as to which medications should be taken for which condition. They also counsel patients on how and when to use medication at their homes. The pharmaceutical industry is booming in Pakistan, and is one of the most lucrative businesses of the future.


In the age of organic diets, maintaining figures and clarifying skin, nutritionists are some of the most valued health experts of our times. Nutritionists are known to have a world of knowledge about healthy and unhealthy foods, and what each of them contain. Therefore, personal nutritionists are slowly starting to be hired by those who can afford them. Other than that, it is a highly paid job that is helpful for one’s own general lifestyle. Furthermore, it helps millions of others who need to be more aware of what they put inside their bodies.

All in all, the medical field has a variety of professions to offer. Some professions require more time and effort than others, but the rewards are deeply satisfying. This is not purely based on monetary rewards, but also the emotional reward of knowing that someone’s life may have improved.