Top 5 Traits of Exceptional Doctors

Written by Pliro
Jul 25, 2016 Last updated: Mar 29, 2019

Being a medical student requires countless hours of study and hard work and a strong acceptance of having little or no time for pleasure during those crucial early years. Gradually, as the demands of the field start to sink in further, a deep understanding of the mental and social pressures of becoming a doctor also start to surface as one realizes what is at stake when the future of a live human being is in the hands of the practitioner. This sound realization is what makes it so important to know what makes a doctor great and how doctors can continue to better themselves in their fields.

  1. Studying Arts Along with Medical Sciences
    In a recent research by Forbes, studies show that the criteria for the selection of medical students is slowly changing since more students with creative and artistic abilities are now being considered. This development is being made with relevance to the qualities of the “right brain” which is related to visual imagery and a more humanistic approach as compared to qualities of the “left brain” which are associated to scientific factors that help determine logical factors behind various hypotheses. The abilities of the right brain are thought to contribute more to the emerging digital world of medicine.
  2. Empathy Towards Patients
    Patients are human beings who approach doctors in a time of need and great distress. In order to build a strong doctor-patient relationship, it is important for good doctors to practice empathy with their patients in order to invoke a sense of trust and care in their patients and to give them the hope and comfort that they are in good hands. According to Soliant Health; “Above and beyond almost all other attributes, patients who were asked said they value a doctor who tries to understand what they are feeling and experiencing, physically and emotionally, and communicates that understanding to them”.
  3. Ever-growing in Skill and Knowledge
    Even though doctors specialize in their particular field of work, it is important for the doctor to be an all-rounder when it comes to general knowledge in medicine. A doctor should show the will to expand their knowledge in order to reassure patients that they know why a certain method of treatment works the way it does and how it is related with the rest of the body. Soliant Health says; “More than just being book-smart, patients want a doctor who is talented at what they do”. Growth of general knowledge also helps to improve skill levels since doctors are able to use resources and a natural intuition to their advantage.
  4. Futuristic Thinking
    In order to be a forward thinking doctor, it is vital to be up to date with the latest advancements in techniques and technologies used in treatments. New methods are tested every day and one should be aware of the methods that are successful and what factors lead them to be successful. This encourages innovative research and a broad minded approach towards the practice.
  5. Being Calm and Professional Under Pressure
    The duties of a doctor entail high levels of stress and pressure which may cause mental and physical exertion. That is why it is important for a doctor to keep their focus and remain calm during the procedure since that decreases risks of mistakes and also keeps the patients calm as long as they believe that everything is under control. Professionalism also entails honesty and respect towards the patient, as well as maintaining unbiased opinions and treating all of them equally.

All in all, a good doctor is one who is confident in himself and his techniques and methods, but is also open to new ideas and advancements. Having a humane attitude during treatment is key to making sure that patients are given the best possible medical care and above all, practicing a healthy lifestyle is what keeps the doctor on his or her toes mentally as well as physically in all walks of life. To avoid yourself of practice hassles, you can also try out a good  online clinic management platform.