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May 31, 2018 Last updated: May 31, 2018

Health structure

We can divide Pakistan’s healthcare system into two broad categories; private and public sector/healthcare centers. The private sector attends over 70% of the population, while about 30% patients use the public sector.

The governmental healthcare system is structured in a mostly vertical way. With 3 layers of centers and hospitals to attend increasingly complex or severe conditions. Basic Health Units (BHUs) and Rural Health Centers (RHCs) comprise the first layer, Tehsil Head Quarters (THQs) and District Head Quarters (DHQs), the second and teaching hospitals, the third.

Private healthcare facilities do not entirely fall under the government’s responsibility. However, recently, new partnerships have allowed for cooperation between the two in order to support public hospital’s deficiencies and to provide help for poor people.

The following list includes the best examples of public and private healthcare in Pakistan.

List of top 6 hospitals in Islamabad


  • Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences

This is one of the most well-equipped public hospitals of Pakistan. Known for being the best place to be treated for Thalassemia, the PIMS belongs to the tertiary layer of the healthcare system. Located at the heart of Islamabad, this is a great place for pediatric care, obstetrics and gynecology. It contains 592 total beds (230 for children and 125 for maternal and child care)

Phone: 051-9261170

  • Polyclinic hospital

Federal Government Services Hospital or the most commonly known Polyclinic hospital is considered as one of the top public hospitals containing 1100 beds. Its location, in G6 near blue area, is perfect to attend large amounts of emergency and outpatient and inpatient cases at the same time..

Phone: 051-9218300


  • Shifa International Hospital

This hospital belongs to the Shifa International Hospitals Limited company, which manages several medical centers in Pakistan. So far, its activities have received awards due to their quality of service. This healthcare center hires a great variety of specialists and also serves as a teaching center or future health professionals with high standards.

Phone: 051-8464646

  • Kulsum International Hospital

The KIH is an interesting entry for this list. It is considered as one of the expensive private hospitals but it achieves a very good balance between cost and quality. Some of the most renowned specialists of Islamabad are available for consultation at KIH. KIH is a place to go for general healthcare and cardiovascular care. Its staff, both medics and paramedics are very well-regarded.

Phone: 051-8446666

  • Ali Medical Center

This hospital enjoys a good reputation as mid-sized medical center. Many individuals around the F-8 area attend this hospital since it is a great multi-specialty hospital, with medium to highly experienced specialists offering services at varying charges.

Phone: 051-8090200

  • Maroof International Hospital

Maroof is a very well-equipped hospital and offers advanced technology for surgery and other treatments. The MIH also provides emergency services, laboratory and ambulance, all 24/7. MIH and its staff shows a high level of dedication to patient comfort and accessibility.

Phone: 051-222292050