Top Hospitals in Sector F Islamabad

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Apr 22, 2019 Last updated: Apr 22, 2019

Medical and healthcare facilities in any country and city are one of the most basic yet important needs. Pakistan still has far to go in order to accomplish a good level of health and medical equipment for minor to chronic diseases in most rural and some urban areas as well. Categories of hospitals, small clinics and medical centers divide into federal government, government/civil, and private hospitals all over the country.

However, some of the major Pakistani cities still have the best possible health centers and hospitals, out of which Islamabad is close to the top of the list. Considering the rise in production of doctors from top notch universities and employment opportunities being very few, Pakistani government has been working towards facilitating them by developing and providing infrastructure to build more healthcare facilities and medical centers. We will be discussing the medical facilities and care centers in F Sector Islamabad in this post.

Hospitals and Medical Centers in Sector-F Islamabad

Sector F in Islamabad is one central and most strategic placed area. The basic needs and requirements of a citizen are easily met here.

Top private/public hospitals and medical centers in this sector are listed as:

1.       Aziz Medical Center (F-6)

2.       Z-Dental Studio (F-6)

3.       Dr. Munaaf’s Dental Practice (F-7)

4.       Medicsi  (OPD and hospital chain – F-7)

5.       The Dental Consultants (F-7 and F-6)

6.       Amanat Eye Hospital (F-7)

7.       Dr. Abrar and Associates (F-8)

8.       Islamabad Diagnostic Center (F-8)

9.       The Aesthetic Laser Clinic (F-8)

10.   Ali Medical (F-8)

11.   Surgical Center (F-8)

12.   OGDCL Medical Center (F-8)

13.   Al-Maroof International (F-10)

14.   IHS Children and Family Hospital (F-10)

15.   Dentistry and Beyond (F-11)

16.   Tooth and Teeth (F-11)

Let us look at some detailed facilities provided at some of the above mentioned hospitals:

1.      Medicsi (OPD and Hospital Chain)

Contact Number: 051-111-111-12

The website for this hospital contains the contact details and particulars of all its operational departments and a list of top notch doctors and facilities. Its main focus is on the medical expertise in Gynecology and Obstetrics, Medicine, Surgery, and Pediatrics. The hospital is equipped with the latest technologically advanced medical equipment, laboratory and tests facilities, and private rooms for under observation patients. An on-call service to OPD or hospital, plus 24/7 availability of doctors make this facility one of the recommended places for most patients.   

2.      Amanat Eye Hospital

Contact Number: 051-8439993


This hospital has made its name majorly in eye care, surgery and relevant medical treatment. This facility is not just present in the center of Islamabad but also has its branches in Rawalpindi as well. It works 6 days a week for 12 hours from 9 am to 9 pm. On call facility of doctors is also available. They provide medical facilities for not just adults but also children too.

3.     Islamabad Diagnostic Center

Contact Number: 051-2251212


This center has spread its wings all over the twin cities. It is one of the top graded laboratory and diagnostic imaging services provider. They have an online appointment booking facility to avoid rush and hassle. They have stood out by being authentically recognized via national and international medical standards and ISO Quality certifications. Their online portal for lab test results is an easy to use and convenient facility for all patients. Doctors like cardiologists, pathologists, neuro physicians etc. all have set timings for their clinics at IDC for easy availability and access for all. The facility is known for its quality of results and cleanliness as well.

4.      Surgical Center

Contact Number: 051-2280312

Surgical center in F-8 sector is somewhat a small surgical unit but big names in surgery field like Dr. Rakhshanda Rashid have been responsible in taking care of different surgery needs and operative measures. Their surgical equipment, OTs and medical care facility after surgeries are technically sound and facility wise up to date. There is an easy appointment booking system via phone call or by going in person and the wait is not longer for medical assessment appointments.

You can easily find more suitable and easy to access hospitals in sector-F Islamabad here. You can also search for top hospitals and doctors on online appointment booking providers like Pliro.