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May 20, 2019 Last updated: May 21, 2019

All through Islamabad, several hospitals and medical clinics can be found, though in some areas, the facilities are not large enough and may not accommodate heavy patient footfall. However, being a developed city of Pakistan, Islamabad is well equipped and established with state of the art facilitation in every walk of life. Similar can be said when it comes to discussing the healthcare units and hospitals in the vicinity. As we posted about the different healthcare facilities in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, today the focus will be on top hospitals in Sector-G of Islamabad.

Top Hospitals in Sector G

G-Sector may not have hospitals in the big ten, as the sector is mainly populated with lesser living area and more commercial space. However, it still has sufficient facilities for medicine, medical testing units and small centers for healthcare. Let us highlight some of their details for your convenience.

1. Maryam Hospital and Diagnostic Center

Contact: 051-2364342

The hospital is though a small concern, it is fully equipped with the basic need fulfillment for OPD, emergency, and appointments with available doctors. The panel for the hospital is not vast; however, the availability of medical and health care facility is 24/7. It is situated in main G-11 Markaz of Islamabad.

2. Dr. Umar Younas Dental Clinic


Contact: +92-334-9779050

A small dental clinic by Dr. Umar, the dental services offered are from the ordinary scaling and crowning to other treatments like root canals, implants, tooth surgeries, endodontic procedures, etc. The clinic is open in the evening from 5 PM onwards until 9 PM. The facility is clean and generally every patient has something good to say about the clinic and the treatment provided by Dr. Umar.

3. Noor General Hospital

Contact: +92-3036901780


This hospital is striving to maintain and provide quality controlled medical health care services to its patients. Situated in one of the newly established G-15 sector, the doctors have made it possible for overseas specialists and doctors to visit Pakistan and provide medical aid to patients. The management of the hospital has collaborated with the Beijing Tangshangton Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital, to provide new technology based osmotherapy for kidney patients. They mainly deal in cardiac, nephrology, stomach and liver diseases.

4. Life Care International Hospital

Contact: 051-2355501-2


Located as one of the top hospitals in Sector-G , it has established best practices in Medicare (a US based health care program and quality standards) and provision of best healthcare services to patients. The hospital is a small concern though, but has accommodation for 50 beds and 15 private rooms ranging from VIP to normal private sections. The hospital also includes in with different insurance panels for ease of patients and medical bill reimbursements. It has a 24/7 emergency OPD to deal with casualties and emergency cases as well.

For queries, patients can even call or email them and book appointments as well.

5. Dr. Shahid Heart and General Hospital

Contact: 051-8441042-37


The timings followed by doctors in this hospital are generally from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM though; they are available at odd hours with on-call facility.

Located as top hospitals in Sector-G and G-11 Markaz, the management has appointed certified doctors, nurses and support staff for the well being of all patients. The hospital has a branch in Lahore as well. The specialized areas they serve in are:

1.       Cardiology

2.       ENT

3.       EECP Therapy

4.       Pediatrics

5.       Dermatology

6.       Gastroenterology

Their online appointment booking system is efficient and user friendly. There is hardly any wait for a doctor once you’ve booked an appointment online with them. You can easily email them for queries and issues as well.

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