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May 9, 2019 Last updated: May 9, 2019

Bahria town has been one of the many housing societies in Pakistan where the necessities of life are met with proper care and privileged resource centers. Not only this, the society is well equipped with good infrastructure for shopping malls, hospitals, doctors, pet clinics and medical centers, and overall perfect need fulfilling details.

Medical Care near and in Bahria Town

Islamabad is not just known for its beauty and landscape, but also for the provision of facilities in all walks of life. Since the start, Bahria town Islamabad has become an important location for jobs, resourcefulness and enhanced ability to take care of public in generally all aspects.

Hospital and medical care facilities in Bahria town Islamabad are next to none in state of the art technologically advanced care taking and practice of medicine. Some of the top doctors from all over Pakistan have clinics and residence near Bahria town in Doctor’s colony. Let us look at the quality of medical services and care from different clinics and hospitals in the area:

Reliance Hospital – Phase IV

Contact Number: 051-5732855


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Reliance Hospital in Bahria town

Reliance hospital is known for its 24/7 emergency services along with the availability of doctors without on-call services. They have skilled medical practitioners available in many fields like Obstetrics, Gynae, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Gastro, Dentistry, ENT, Orthopedics, Psychology and Neuro. Reliance hospital is a very clean and quality wise upgraded medical hospital. You can follow them through their Facebook page or can be reached via contact number and email as well for complete details and care facilities.

Shaafi International Hospital – Main PWD Road

Contact Number: 051-5170395-7


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Shaafi International Hospital in Bahria Town

Shaafi hospital has been present since the late 1980s. After careful planning, resource collection and a complete hospital infrastructure, they started their first patient care service in 2013. They have a huge medical portfolio of doctors, services and well managed technologically advanced equipment for patient care. They also have an online search system to find doctors and their availability for appointment. Anyone can take an easily available online appointment from their website as well.

Bahria International Hospital – Phase VIII

Contact Number: 051-5173261-3, 051-5705790


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Bahria International Hospital

Bahria International Hospital is operated by Bahria Town Hospitals that not only provide typical medical care in all common fields but also are equipped and up to date with plastic and cosmetic surgery. They have followed quality and care international standards and have built up the hospital infrastructure in such a way that the facility does not resemble a hospital. Rather it looks like a tourist area with fresh and green environment all around. They have in house laboratory as well as advanced tests available that are normally unavailable in local hospitals. They also go by the name of Begum Akhtar hospital in Phase VIII. They can be followed via email , Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well.

Southeast Hospital – PWD

Contact Number: 051-5194664


South East Hospital Near Bahria Town

Although, this may be a small facility, it has emergency and OPD open 24/7. Doctors are available on call, as well as their timings are in such a way that one or the other in the same field will be available at any time. Consultants sit usually in evening timings. The advantage is the connection with IDC laboratory with highly advanced test facilities and patient care. A bunch of good doctors from the local market with specializations in different fields are available to help and be suggested by IDC when the patient needs immediate care.

Safari Hospital – Safari Villas

Contact Number: 051-5595114

Safari Hospital is a small, yet clean and medically equipped hospital in the Safari Villas, near Bahria Town, Islamabad. The management and staff are polite and very cooperative. Unlike the renowned hospitals, test facilities and medical centers, this is the first thought of every patient or emergency case nearby due to quick and quality medical care facilities in the hospital. You can find its location and reviews in its medical services here.

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