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Jul 18, 2019 Last updated: Jul 18, 2019

This post is all about covering some details and discussion on the hospitals and medical clinics in the area and near the vicinity of DHA Lahore.

Lahore is known as the city of gardens due to the abundance of gardens, parks and historical places for all. People from all around Pakistan visit Lahore for the sake of travelling and tourist sites. Though it is a busy city of Pakistan, it accommodates all state of the art facilities in terms of tourism, food, clothing, and even medical and health care.

Let us look at some of the healthcare concerns in DHA Lahore.

Hospitals & Medical Centers in DHA Lahore

DHA Medical Center DHA III

Website: https://dhalahore.org/medical-centre/

Contact: + 92-42-35745920-6

The overall objective of this concern is to provide better and state of the art health care facilities for all with public awareness about common and more critical diseases. They also provide info on how to avoid being infected by them. The medical concern runs through proper management and care from the DHA governing body in Lahore. The specialties of doctors they provide are mostly gynae, cardiology, orthopedics, dermatology, dentistry, ENT, Ophthalmology, Nephrology, Neurology and the regular OPD for a couple more.

The medical concern is situated in the W block of DHA phase III and accommodates emergency visitors as well. You can find more details for the medical center on their website as described above.

Aadil Hospital DHA

Website: http://www.aadilhospital.com/

Contact: +92-42-111-223-454

Aadil hospital is situated on the main boulevard, DHA Lahore. The hospital came into being as an NGO/trust initiative in the early 1980s. You can easily email them of fill the online contact form for appointment booking and general contact. The hospital is also on panel for a lot of insurance companies in Lahore for personal and corporate employees.  They have their own transfusion and blood bank services for authenticity and anti infected blood supply purposes. The typical departments of gynae, OPD, emergency, nephrology, neurology, ENT work separately and at the ease of public. Moreover, they provide specialized services in the areas of cardiology, dentistry, trauma and injury, gastro and intensive care. Their oncology department has a strong foothold in the market and provides state of the art services and treatment facilities for all types of cancer patients.

National Hospital & Medical Center

Website: http://www.nhmclahore.org/

Contact:  +92-42-111-171-819

A 24/7 running medical concern, the hospital has been working in the market as a private concern since the start of the 1990s. Its motive is not just to provide the best medical and health care services, but also make sure that it becomes a good health based educational institute. Specialist doctors in every medical field including oncology, pulmonology, pathology, cardiology and the regular departments are available 24/7 with free emergency and OPD care for all patients. Moreover, for IPD patients, surgical wards and private rooms are available as well for stay and treatment as well. You can book appointments online as well as call their contact number for easy doctor’s appointment and issue discussion with all medical practitioners.

Lahore Health Care

Website: http://www.lahorehealthcare.com/

Contact: +92-42-3589-7141-3

Situated in the Y block of DHA phase III Lahore, this hospital was recently established and has a decade long record of successful medical services provision to one and all. The hospital is fully air conditioned and a backup generator facility to avoid any miscalculations in critical medical procedures if the lights go out.  They have services of cardiology, psychiatry, paeds, gynae, and obs. Their online portal can easily help you in booking free appointments while avoiding hassle of getting in lines physically to get one. Also, they have online test reporting system for ease of access for all patients for their medical reports.

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