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Jul 8, 2019 Last updated: Jul 9, 2019

Hospitals in Karachi have been renowned and are famous for the state of the art facilities and medical and health care services 24/7. Doctors are qualified with specialisations in different fields and have adequate knowledge of the medical and health sectors in all aspects and depth of need. 

Clifton is a busy and publicly fuller area and requires attention in every walk of life. So is the case related when it comes to providing better OPD and in house medical services for not just emergencies but also for casualties and critical cases.

Let us look at some of the best hospitals of Clifton Karachi.

Medical Centers & Hospitals of Clifton Karachi

Karachi and interior Sindh have been a target for terrorism and many people have lost their lives over the past few decades. Urgent requirements of healthcare have enacted the need of complete health care services and on time of their delivery. Clifton Karachi also has been under the effect of the massive deaths happening from drowning in the sea as the coastal line is near. Following medical centers have played a vital role in saving such lives and protecting others from critical conditions.

Hashmanis Group of Hospitals

Contact: +92 – 21 – 35866042 – 43

Website: http://www.hashmanis.com.pk/ 

Hasmanis Group has been working in the market since the early 1980s and have developed an authentic name in the field of eye care and ophthalmology. They have been the first in line of hospitals to introduce the technology of removing cataract from the eye without any painful surgery procedures. Moreover, they also have a proven record and hands on experience of Gynae, OPD, Peads, Obstetrics, Cardiology, ENT, Gastro, etc. They have a huge chain of hospitals all around Karachi for easy access by anyone.

Agha Khan University Hospital Clifton

Website: https://hospitals.aku.edu/pakistan/medical-and-diagnostics/medical-centres/clifton-medical-services/Pages/default.aspx 

Working 24/7 and providing urgent care services, Agha Khan hospitals do not need any introduction. They have a huge chain of pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories with wide network of collection centres all through Pakistan. They have been known for Radiology, Cancer treatment, Gastro, Nephrology and Cardiology. Although they have good regular medical practices with specialised doctors in every field of medicine too. Their website has the facility to book online appointments. Moreover, they have easy access to doctors with their respective department numbers and contact information all available on their website. Their network of ambulances and shared first aid services are next to none.

South City Hospital

Website: http://www.southcityhospital.org/ 

Contact: +92 – 21 – 35862301

Built on Shahrah-e-Firdousi, this hospital started working in the early 2000 and is a private concern. With a history of being in a plan of demolishing, doctors from around the country and general public gathered together to save this hospital. Hence, it has a number of specialties and wide variety of qualified doctors and medical practitioners on its panel. Since 2004, it has been in the process of being upgraded in terms of the panel of doctors.  The patients page on the website lists all doctors working there along with the departments being head in the concern. You can easily email them as well to book appointments and for concerns in their procedures and operations.

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