Written by Pliro
Jun 4, 2018 Last updated: Dec 3, 2018

We recently published an article reviewing some of the top hospitals in Islamabad. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best hospitals available in the neighboring city of Rawalpindi. Just like Islamabad,  we’ll be taking a look at the major public and private hospitals.

Again, this is a subjective list and the hospitals have demonstrated high competency, quality service and good patient-care. Different people may have had different experiences and may feel some other hospitals should make the list instead.

Public Hospitals

Benazir Bhutto Hospital

The BB hospital, also known as the Rawalpindi General Hospital, is located on the Murree Road near the center of Rawalpindi city. It belongs to the tertiary layer of healthcare by being a public teaching hospital. In this regard, the BB has many connections with other teaching institutes abroad like University of Manchester, London, Bristol in UK and Tribhuvan University of Nepal.

The hospital itself is divided in 3 large blocks (accident and emergency, outpatient department and indoors). Here you’ll be able to find 18 different and specialized departments like: Rehabilitation, dentistry, anesthesia, neurology, urology, psychiatry, cardiology and many others.

Phone: 051-9290100

Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology

The RIC is a considerably new institution. It was formalized in 2005 by the government of Punjab but the actual building wasn’t open for patients until 2012. It has over 40 departments, 60 doctors of different specialties, 90 nurses and 242 beds.

As expected, the RIC belongs to the tertiary layer of Pakistan’s healthcare organizational structure, making it also a teaching hospital where future generations of doctors and healthcare professionals can learn and do research.

Phone: 051-9281111-3

Holy Family Hospital

The foundation for HFH was laid back in 1948 and in 1977 an affiliation with the Rawalpindi Medical College was established. This hospital has a rather large capacity, with 850 beds available for patients. As expected from a teaching hospital, there are a great variety of specialties for patients and future doctors.

This fully equipped hospital is filled with highly skilled personnel and recent developments in patient care.

Phone: 051-9290755

Private Hospitals

Maryam Memorial Hospital

The MMH was inaugurated in 1998 and constantly improves and updates their facilities and organizational structure. This private hospital has a very professional and patient-aware attitude. Here a patient will find diagnostics services, clinical services, in-patient services and a pharmacy.

The MMH gathers many professionals with different skills and specializations. Almost any condition can (at least partially) be treated here.

Phone: 051-5464680

Bilal Hospital

This is a large healthcare providers in Rawalpindi. The BH started operations in 1998 as just a maternity care center, but since, it has grown to be a full-scale tertiary healthcare center. Locals hold this hospital in high regards, it contains 113 beds, 20 specialty centers and it helps around 100,000 patients every year.

They are particularly proud of the quality of their installations. All rooms have air conditioning, security cameras and are easily accessible for anyone in Rawalpindi.

Phone: 92 51 2373372

Reliance Hospital

This private hospital advertises its own status as the “best hospital in Rawalpindi”. Certainly, it’s not doing a bad job. You could get very impressed by their installations; however, their services are also quite impressive.

They have a wide arrange of doctors of many different specialties including physical therapy, acupuncture, orthopedics and general dentistry.

Phone: 051-5732855-56