Top Tips for Aspiring Doctors

Written by Pliro
Aug 22, 2016 Last updated: Mar 29, 2019

How can you know for sure whether medicine is a good career choice for you? If you are a studious person and you have managed to maintain an impressive academic record so far, then your parents will certainly use your undecided mind to plant the idea that you can become an amazing doctor, the “Best” one perhaps. However, medicine is not for those who think that they can try out and see if it works for them with the option of changing fields if it doesn’t. Furthermore, it certainly isn’t for those who may have wanted to do something else but think that it is the right decision for them because their parents said so. To take up medicine is to know that you have made a major life changing decision and the things you learn cannot be unlearned, they will stay with you forever. The first step is to be absolutely sure of your decision and have a passion for the field, which is the only way you can truly aspire to become a great doctor. Here are the tips that will follow this passion in order to help you through the entire process.

  • Hard Work
    Even if you are a conscientious student, there were probably times when you went to take an exam and passed with flying colors without studying as hard for it as you would have liked. This assumption of completing your pre medicine studies on a fluke is a sheer misconception however, and should be wiped out from your mind as soon as you enter your pre-med college. Hard work cannot be avoided throughout the duration of this course, and since it is a pretty long course, you should be prepared for studying long hours and making an extra effort in each of your classes in order to retain any information that you learn whatsoever.
  • Tough Competition
    You know that a student with below-average grades couldn’t have made it to a good pre-med college without doing something exceptional to cover up for them. That’s why it is important to know that your fellow batch mates will be pretty smart and gone are the days when you used to be treated as the cream of the cake. In order to shine you will have to go beyond your capabilities and think of new strategies and plans, along with studying ahead and doing interesting research to make sure you keep increasing your general knowledge as you go. It is important also to stay up to date with advanced medical technology and not rely on books and notes for methods that may be successful but have become orthodox.
  • Professionalism
    It is important to have fun with whatever you are doing but the world of medicine entails a certain seriousness that needs to be acknowledged by each aspiring doctor. For this, you must remember to stay organized and focused by setting schedules and patterns for yourself to follow. A great tip to follow here is to not bite off more than you can chew. This means that rather than taking on extra classes and overloading your timetable, try and put in as much effort as you can for the classes you have and give them the best that you can. This will ensure that you are great at what you specialize in, rather than being average at a lot of different things.
  • Wide Range of Interests
    Studying medicine requires a lot of dedication but it may become boring if that is all you do throughout your day. There is a major misconception that exists in our society whereby people believe that a student of medicine is purely invested in the sciences and math. According to Top 5 Traits of Exceptional Doctors’ by Pliro, “In a recent research by Forbes, studies show that the criteria for the selection of medical students is slowly changing since more students with creative and artistic abilities are now being considered”. Students of medicine are encouraged to nurture their creative side as well, since not only does it make them whole as a person, but also enables them to find solutions from various viewpoints in their medical as well as daily lives.
  • Exposure
    It is crucial for medical students to not just be stuck in their text books, but to broaden their horizons and learn from new experiences outside of class. A good way to do this is by engaging in volunteer work at hospitals, NGOs or clinics to get a taste of how medical studies help in the practical world. Students can also apply for internships and summer courses to learn more about the ways in which local hospitals run on a daily basis.
  • Shadowing Doctors
    One of the most important things that almost every medical school and professor encourages students to do is to shadow doctors and professionals in their respective fields. This is a great learning opportunity for the students since they are able to practically see how delicate procedures are handled and they can ask doctors questions in order to get a better understanding of their work. You can also do this by setting up a specific time for Information Interviews which, according to the Huffington Post, “is an appointment you schedule with an individual for the purpose of gaining information about a job or career field from an “insider” point of view”.
  • Showing Compassion
    A good student may become a good doctor by gaining loads of experience and studying long and hard for exams. What makes a great doctor though, is to show a sensitivity and a deep care for the field and all those involved in it, be they doctors, students, professors or patients. It is important to know and to show how much you want to be in the field of medicine by being empathetic and compassionate. This, again, is something that one cannot learn from books but what comes from within as a strong personality trait.

Are you a doctor? Share any tips in the comments that may help young aspiring doctors excel in their field.