What Fried Food Does to Your Body

Written by Pliro
Sep 26, 2016 Last updated: Dec 26, 2017

You have probably heard people tell you how having too much butter, cream or carbohydrates can be extremely unhealthy for you. These items, in fact, are nowhere near as harmful as a perfectly healthy vegetable that is coated in flour and then deep fried in oil. The difference is that where having high amounts of carbs and fatty creams may affect your health poorly, a little bit is actually beneficial for you since it comes under ‘good fats’. On the other hand, no amount of fried food is healthy for you, no matter how little or how much of it you consume. Here is what the consumption of fried food does to your body.

  • Nutrient Killing Calories
    Too many calories alone are unhealthy, but consuming calories alone from foods that have nothing else to offer is worse than having a whole bar of butter for a meal. When food is deep fried, the calorie count increases since oil gets soaked up into it. Submerging the food into hot oil kills the minerals and vitamins that the food contains, which is why even healthy fruits and vegetables that are deep fried become devoid of most of their natural oxidants that are required for the body. These empty calories are then deposited into the body as fatty tissues and may cause excessive weight gain at a faster rate than normal, since this fat is more difficult to break down. With the body gaining no beneficial nutrients that can help in its proper functions, it may cause obesity which is the leading cause to some of the most serious health issues that the body may encounter.
  • Harmful for Vital Organs
    Since processed foods do not break down in the body properly, the excess may accumulate in vital organs, such as liver, intestine, kidneys, heart or colon for extended periods of time, damaging their functions. According to Listovative on 7 Major Reasons Why You Should Avoid Fried Foods, for people who have kidney diseases, “The death risk increases because kidney patients have an impaired ability to filter out the harmful fats consisted in a typically cooked fried food”. Other than that, the liver may be affected due to bile build up caused by gallbladder issues such as the presence of gallstones.
  • Risk of Heart Disease and High Cholesterol
    Frying your food increases the amount of saturated fat it contains. This is one of the major causes of increased cholesterol rates and chances of heart diseases since saturated fats increase not only the bile buildup in your organs but also clogs your arteries due to the over abundancy of fat. Clogging of the veins and arteries may lead to heart diseases and even strokes. The most common reason for this is the fact that the oils that are used for deep frying food are often re-used, which degrades their quality each time. Due to re-using the oils over and over again, the quality of the food becomes even lower and this can have adverse effects on the heart and cholesterol levels.
  • Risk of Diabetes
    Fried foods, especially shallow-fried, are one of the common factors that may lead to type-2 diabetes. This is because the excess of fat reserves makes it hard for the body to utilize insulin properly, resulting in an increased amount of blood sugar levels. The sugars from the harmful fats are not broken down to glucose to provide energy to the body, which is why the fat starts getting stored in the body and results in a negative outcome.
  • Risk of Cancer
    When food is fried in oil, not only does that alter the nutrient content of whatever is being cooked but also changes the chemical composition of the oils due to oxidation. Deep frying increases the development of AGE’s on the foods and leads to increase in cancer causing compounds such as acrylamides, aldehydes and aromatic hydrocarbons. Fried food can thus result in inflammation of the lungs and can cause cancers of the breast, head, neck and pancreas.

Other health issues associated with the consumption of fried foods include poor neurological and brain functioning, such as depression, Alzheimer’s, stress and mental fatigue. Therefore, it is important to remember that even though fried food items may seem like the tastier option, it is better not to make them a regular part of the diet and only have them very seldom or on special occasions. Having foods in their purest form is the best way to consume the nutrients that they provide in order to ensure a healthy body and mind.