Written by Pliro
Nov 7, 2016 Last updated: Nov 11, 2016

What we see on TV are personalities who gain most of their fame and popularity based on their looks and perfect figures. If we think that these figures have been given to our favorite icons naturally, then we are all in for a real surprise. These popular celebrities have strict diets and work out routines that they follow religiously in order to maintain their shape and appearance in front of the camera. It may get quite demanding, as we will find out later in the article. But this is what makes them an inspiration and keeps fans wanting to be just like them. The good news is that with a little bit of hard work and planning, anyone can have figures like these luminaries. Some of them have revealed their personal work out regimes that we shall look into, to find out exactly how it is done.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is a top Hollywood actress that keeps herself in shape by practicing regular aerobics and strength training with the help of personal trainer Valeria Waters. Cardio workouts are great for the body since they help maintain stronger heart and lungs. Cardio also helps increase bone density, helps sleep better and keeps you positive by reducing stress. That is why we see this beautiful celebrity with a smile and lots of energy, on screen as well as off screen.

Zac Efron

When we talk about some of the best bodies in Hollywood, the list is obviously incomplete without Zac Efron. Since Efron is required to look a certain way for each of his movies, his secret lies in switching from cardio to strength training when needed. He has also worked with Logan Hood, a former Navy Seal for his movie “The Lucky One” where he had to showcase the physique of a marine. Even though he keeps changing his routine, when he follows it, he follows it as strictly as possible.

Gwen Stefani

What is most admirable about Gwen Stefani is that not only is she a successful career woman but also a super mom. There is no doubt then, that the most strength she requires is for her arms in order to carry her toddler around and keep them in shape side by side. To achieve the perfectly sculpted arms, Gwen practices exercises starting from the tricep dips which target all the upper arm muscles, giving them strength and stability along with length and shape.

Brad Pitt

Another actor who loves experimenting with his looks is the one that girls from all over the world swoon over for his good looks and chiseled body. Brad Pitt takes his workouts extremely seriously and for one of his greatest hits, Fight Club, his body was probably in the best shape it has ever been throughout his career. He trained for that role with a variety of full body exercises such as pushups, bench press, incline chest press and cable flys. All of this was done in order to get the perfectly toned abs that were required for that role.

Blake Lively

Sporting probably one of the best bodies in Hollywood is former Gossip Girl star is Blake Lively. She has maintained her figure even after being pregnant with a child, which truly says something. Blake is dedicated to some serious workout that targets the whole body, toning and shaping muscles along with keeping them lean. She does so by doing push-ups, jumping squats and ball crunches which are all ideal for a full-body blast.


This pop sensation has been in the music industry for decades but has a body that makes even young girls envious. Madonna’s Hard Candy workout is what sets her apart as the diva who does her own sculpting chair routine to tone her muscles and abs. She has created several techniques, along with pro dancer Nicole Winhoffer so that the hips and thighs stay lean, yet strong. Madonna shows us how an innovative use of a chair can be turned into an highly effective one.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is a versatile actor who is not afraid to experiment with his looks from time to time, whether that means buffing up or toning down. For his latest Jason Bourne movie for instance, he was over 250 pounds since his character demanded a muscular look. His bodyweight exercises included cardio for a total body workout as well as a 2000 calorie diet in order to maintain his toned muscles without gaining extra fat.

Jennifer Aniston

What this former ‘Friends’ star believes Yoga to be the perfect workout, which helps not only the body but also the mind. Jennifer Aniston uses yoga to practice a combination of breathing and physical exercises to help maintain a good posture. Techniques such as downward dog and dancer pose help maintain flexibility throughout the body whereas the brain activity increases, helping improve positivity and creativity.